Fort Derussy, HI Plattesville Wi, IA Haena, HI

Toxic waste dumps, hazardous material, potential ground and water pollutants, monitoring stations and other EPA-related facilities in Fort Shafter, HI. Updated 09/30/2012

Click Facility Name for Details Address City, State ZipCode
Army Program @ Fort Shafter, Fy 08-Fy 15, Various Projects - Project No. 1: ArmyU.S. Army Corps Of Engineers, Building 230 (Attn:Fort Shafter, Hawaii 96858
Battle Area Complex (Modified)Mccarthy Flats AreaFort Shafter, Hawaii 96819
Eleven (11) Modular Temporary Company Operations Facilities (Cofs) - Martines FiCepoh-Pp-A Building 230, Room 318Fort Shafter, Hawaii 96858
Fort ShafterMontgomery DrFort Shafter, Hawaii 96858
Fort Shafter - Simpson Wisser NeighborhoodSimpson Street And Wisser RoadFort Shafter, Hawaii 96858
Fort Shafter Funston RoadBuilding 550, Fort ShafterFort Shafter, Hawaii 96858
Fort Shafter Post ExchangeBuilding 550, Fort ShafterFort Shafter, Hawaii 96858
Fy01 Fhnc Pn 48456Hanalima DrFort Shafter, Hawaii 96858
Fy03 Oma Pkg A-127, Construct1001 Bishop StFort Shafter, Hawaii 96858
Fy05 Milcon Pn 57423, HotHonolulu Engineer DistrictFort Shafter, Hawaii 96858
Fy08 Mca Pn 61882 BarracksCasey St, Pierce St And Bonney LoopFort Shafter, Hawaii 96819
Fy11 Mca Pn 56024 - Flood Mitigation StructuresBuilding 230 Cepoh-Pp-MFort Shafter, Hawaii 96858
Hamakua BaseyardHamakua Road And Akoakoa StreetFort Shafter, Hawaii 96858
Kahuku Training Area - CombineAlong Drum Road, 2 Miles SouthFort Shafter, Hawaii 96858
Keico Pacific IncBldg 1528 Fort Shafter FlatFort Shafter, Hawaii 96819
Multiple Deployment Facility CBuilding 230, Room 318Fort Shafter, Hawaii 96858
Pohakuloa LandfillFacilities Engineering, Dept.Fort Shafter, Hawaii 96819
Usarmy Fort ShafterArmy Support Command Loop RoadFort Shafter, Hawaii 96858
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