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Updated 08/02/2012 San Francisco, CA

Cico Enterprise Ltd Dba Harders

Lihue, HI 96766

CountyKauai Hawaii
Address 4398 Pua Loke Street
EPA ID 110013781997
Watersheds Affected20070000
SIC Code 4941 Water Supply
EPA Program ICIS 6513821
EPA Interest & ID

Integrated Compliance Information System (ICIS)

ICIS provides a database that, when complete, will containenforcement and compliance information across most of EPA'sprograms. The vision for ICIS is to replace EPA's independent databasesthat contain enforcement data with a single repository for thatinformation. Currently, ICIS contains all Federal Administrative andJudicial enforcement actions and a subset of the Permit ComplianceSystem (PCS), which supports the National Pollutant DischargeElimination System (NPDES). This information is maintained in ICIS byEPA in the Regional offices and at Headquarters. A future release ofICIS will completely replace PCS and will integrate that informationwith Federal actions already in the system. ICIS also has thecapability to track other activities that support compliance andenforcement programs, including incident tracking, complianceassistance, and compliance monitoring.
EPA Interest & Affiliation Formal Enforcement Action
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